M0HTE's keys.

Homebrew Blackhawk Sideswiper.

M0HTE's homebrew Blackhawk sideswiper, click to enlarge picture. M0HTE's homebrew Blackhawk Mk2 sideswiper, damping on the blade, click to enlarge picture.

Name 'Blackhawk' Built on hardwood base 6ins by 4ins (150mm by 100mm) with plastic feet. Brass L brackets, nuts and bolts. Hacksaw blade 3.5ins (90mm) long. Paddles from Begali key. The key is light to operate and will twang effectively on QRT.
Now on a marble base to stop it moving. The base is a bit too big but was the smallest I could buy off the shelf.
Mk2 version: See picture on the right, the only difference is some damping on the blade. [M0HTE].