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Net Procedures.

In the texts below, transmitted sequences are within quotation marks and displayed on a lighter background.

Intercontinental Net.

NCS: Darrel - AA7FV.

QRX, text not ready yet.


Sunday on 14055 and 21055 kHz,
1500 and 1600 UTC.

US 40m (+80/30m) Net.

NCS: Darrel - AA7FV; Allen - KA5TJS.

Procedure followed by our good friend Ben - N6SL (SK) who has been NCS on US SSN for over 15 years.

The net consists of a 40m session followed 30 minutes later by either a 80m or a 30m session, depending on the time of the year.
The procedure listed below is the one I use on this net. You will note it is similar to the procedure used by coastal marine telegraph stations following their traffic lists prior to 1994.

40m session.

Thursday on 7044 kHz:
- Local time: 8 PM EDT/EST,
- UTC: Friday, 0000 (DST)/0100 (ST).

Starting 5 minutes ahead of net schedule I send:
Every 20 to 30 seconds.
When a call is received before or after introduction, I respond with callers name, if known, and assign a sequence number (QRY). When the station acknowledges the QRY number I send:
This sequence is used until top of the hour. On the hour I make a general net announcement such as:
"CQ SIDESWIPER NET (SSN) DE N6SL welcome to our weekly net which meets on 7044 kHz plus/minus QRM at [Net time UTC] every Thursday. During summer months shifts to 10121.5 kHz at 0030 UTC. All stations are invited to check in with or without sideswipers. Further information is available on www.sideswipernet.org. NW PSE QRZ SSN? DE N6SL K".
When there are no further calls I start down the list. If the list is short, run through two times so everyone can respond to comments heard. At end of each stations comments, I send:
If no answer continue to next station. If someone answers give station a QRY number and advise call sign of station he follows.

80m session (Winter months).

Thursday on 3568 kHz:
- Local time: 8:30 PM EST,
- UTC: Friday, 0130.

When local skip gets long during winter months, start the net on 40 meters and at 30 minutes after hour switch to 80 meters to pick up local check in's.
Many times it is necessary to relay calls to the NCS and to repeat their transmissions when skip starts becoming longer. The correct method is "QRW call of new station" by a net member to NCS. NCS will probably ask that station to QSP the information and repeat any significant part of the transmission for the rest of the net.

30m session (Summer months).

Thursday on 10121.5 kHz:
- Local time: 8:30 PM EDT,
- UTC: Friday, 0030.

Q signals.

QNI: ARRL net check in request.
QRZ?: Who is calling me?
QRW: ... is calling you.
QSP: Relay (in commercial service free relay).

EU 80m Net.

NCS on Oct 1: Durk - PA3BYW.

The net is an informal round table based on the order of arrival of the participants. NCS will operate in rotation each Sunday. Any participant can volunteer for this task, preferably via an email to Yann - F5LAW. At all times the NCS is in full control of the net. If any problem with current NCS, a substitute will take over.

List of current NCS's:


Sunday on 3566 kHz:
- Local time: 9 PM (most EU)/ 8 PM (UK),
- UTC: 1900 (DST)/2000 (ST).

NCS - Call CQ SSN:
"CQ SSN CQ SSN, sideswiper net, SSN, de[NCS call sign] + SSN K".
A sequence number [NR] is assigned to each station checking in:
"[Call sign of calling station] QRY [NR], NR [NR] after [name and call sign of previous station on the list], PSE QRX (or AS)".


"Welcome to the sideswiper net, SSN, which meets on Sunday evenings at 1900 UTC on 3566 kHz. All stations are invited to check in, with or without sideswipers, further info on www.sideswipernet.org".
NCS - Another series of:
"CQ SSN CQ SSN, sideswiper net, SSN, de[NCS call sign] + SSN K".
For any further participants.
Option: List recap for the later participants if it is not too long.
NCS - Call CQ SSN on completion of each round. The announcement of a new round is followed by this reminder:
"After each transmission please leave a slight pause before your turn. This will allow other stations to call into the net".
In the event of such a call the NCS takes control, welcomes the station and allocates [NR]. NCS then passes it to the next station on the list.

Announcement of round 1.

"Please keep your over short, reports etc., then pass key to next station on the list or if any doubt to NCS".
NCS - Commence Round 1.

Announcement of round 2.

"Try to keep your over short, you may work any participant, in any order. Once done, pass transmission to next station on the list".
NCS - Commence Round 2.

Round 3+4+ etc.

Normal QSO's are encouraged. For all rounds please use the same format.

"Next NCS" Form.

Form restricted to EU NCS team.

Region 3 Net.

Asia - Pacific Region Net.


We would like to express our thanks for the outstanding NCS job that our friend Yo San - JL1MUT has been doing for 3 years and a half.
Domo Arigato and congratulations dear Yo San.

Any volunteer to take over the NCS job and try again the Region 3 SSN? Please, contact us.