IK0YGJ's keys.

Sideswiper #910505 made by IK1OJM.

IK0YGJ's IK1OJM sideswiper #910505, click to enlarge picture. My key was entirely hand-made by a talented craftsman: Salvatore IK1OJM. You can find more details about his sideswiper wonders here:
IK1OJM's sideswipers.
The base of my sideswiper is completely hand-carved in a mosaic pattern, and Salvatore made me custom wooden finger pieces for the ends of the key lever. The contacts are made with a special technique, where small flattened springs, are used to customize the resistance felt by the operator. Usually, I use my sideswiper with about 1.5 / 2mm contact spacing which gives me comfortable operation between 15 and 30 WPM. [IK0YGJ].

Video: An introduction to the Sideswiper.

Video: Improving timing and spacing with the Begali CW Machine.

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